Best And Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes

October 28, 2010

Best And Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Heidi Klum

It starts and ends with Heidi, doesn’t it? No one does it bigger or weirder than Mr and Mrs Seal and this apple and the serpent concotion is hard to top. Just imagine how long it would have taken to put the makeup on! Now that’s dedication.

Jason Biggs

There’s nothing scarier than a man with hairy legs in a dress, especially in a sweet-as-pie outfit like Dorothy’s. American Pie’s Jason Biggs has rarely been seen since this outfit. Hmm…

Kim Kardashian

Wonder Woman is one of the most popular Halloween outfits and trust Kim to deck herself out in a costume that makes the best of her assets.

Heidi Klum

She did it again – another Halloween and Heidi’s now an Indian goddess. I guess she’s used to wearing those humungous Victoria’s Secret wings so what’s a few extra arms?

Mariah Carey and Husband Nick Cannon

Oh dear. Shouldn’t this faux-sexy ensemble be reserved for a private Valentine’s Day surprise and not exposed to the world?

Paris Hilton

What a sense of humour! A few months after being released from jail, Paris pays homage to her locked up days by dressing up as jail bait. Note the truly scary clear contact lenses. Run, don’t walk!

Heidi Klum

Yet again Heidi outdoes her previous efforts, this time going classic Halloween with the vampire look.

Are you dressing up for Halloween? Share your outfit ideas here!

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