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October 19, 2009

Could you last a year without sex? What if all your ex boyfriends came back to haunt you? Could you clean up a crime scene? Just some of the questions our fave DVDs are asking this month!

My Year Without Sex

Those of you who have either suffered a serious illness, or have been close to someone who has, probably knows that while the big questions are always looming, it’s the day-to-day stuff that can really have an effect on your lives. My Year Without Sex is proof of that. Natalie (Sacha Horler) is an ordinary mum, who following a collapse is diagnosed with a aneurysm. Now she and her husband Ross (Matt Day) and their two children have to cope with not just Natalie’s illness, but also paying bills and the mortgage, the possibility of Ross losing his job and Natalie and Ross’s non-existent sex life. And while they’re keeping up a brave front for the kids, another relapse for Natalie could irrevocably change this family. So, this all sounds rather heavy, but it isn’t. There are plenty of laughs as this typical Aussie family copes with extraordinary circumstances. There’s a lot to like about this fantastic comedy-drama.

Sunshine Cleaning

Who would think that a movie about crime scenes could be the source of an intriguing comedy-drama? Well, when you’ve got two so-hot-right-now actresses like Amy Adams and Emily Blunt, it’s not so hard to believe. Rose (Adams) is a thirty-something single mum who makes ends meet by working as a housecleaner. Her main goal in life is to send her eight-year-old son to a decent school, but that takes money that she doesn’t have. But then she learns about the business of cleaning up crime scenes – work that pays a lot better than the average house. With her sister Norah (Blunt) joining her in the new business, they get to work cleaning up after murders and other terrible crimes. Soon they discover that not only are they helping people in an exceptionally difficult time, but it also enables them to re-evaluate their own mother’s death. Quirky yet sensitive, Sunshine Cleaning probably wouldn’t work without its amazing cast. This is one the best independent films of this year, and will be a cult favourite in the coming years.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Who out there wouldn’t love to be Matthew McConaughey for a day? Handsome, funny, confident – you could have a bit of fun in you were in his shoes. But in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, we learn that life as a lothario might not be all it’s cracked up to be. For Connor, a womanising photographer, going to his younger brother’s wedding is something to be endured rather than enjoyed. And when he sees one of his former flames, Jenny (Jennifer Garner) in the bridal party, it’s going to be a long weekend for him. However, that weekend gets stranger when he’s visited by the ghost of his Uncle Wayne (Michael Douglas), the man who set Connor on his no-commitment ways. Over the course of one night, Connor’s going to be taken through his romantic past, present and future – will he heed the warnings and finally find his soulmate? This rom-com version of the traditional Scrooge tale is a lot of fun, and McConaughey and Garner have undeniable chemistry together; this is a great date flick.

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