Best credit cards for Christmas

November 16, 2009

Don’t get left with a massive credit card bill this Christmas. Pick the one which is right for you with the help of our independent advice!

With barely a couple of weeks left until Christmas most of us are getting itchy feet about present ideas and what to buy for whom to keep the family and friends happy. In the mad dash to score a great array of Christmas presents we need of course the essential ingredient allowing us to do this in the first place – the magic piece of plastic, also called a “Christmas” credit card.

What in the world is a Christmas credit card?

Technically speaking there is no such thing as a Christmas credit card. The term is a simple expression to find the correct credit card to do ones Christmas shopping with. If you are smart – and I’m sure you are because you are reading this – you already know that not all credit cards are equal. Far from it actually.

With an ever increasing pool of cards in the Australian market place it becomes harder than ever to keep track of the best credit card deals. Finding the right Christmas credit card could be the difference between you having a great, worry free start to 2010 or a debt induced beginning to a new year.

It’s your choice in the end:

Unless you so don’t dig Christmas (which some of us do) you need to be armed with the right weapon of shopping destruction to hit the mark every single time you flash that hip friend of yours.

So where can you start to look for the right Christmas credit card?
How about here? I have done a little digging and sorting to find some cards that can do the magic for you (just remember though, unless you repay your credit card debt no magic will ever happen.)

Here is a short list of the most appropriate Christmas credit cards on offer right now to give you peace of mind while you shop for presents.

Citibank Clear Platinum: This sexy and sleek little beast is ideal for anyone earning above $50,000 per annum. With a 0% interest on purchases for 6 months AND 0% balance transfer fee for 6 months and 55 interest free shopping you can go as wild as you like on your shopping sprawl.

HSBC Credit Card: As one of the very best cards on the market right now, the HSBC credit card is probably one of the best Christmas credit cards for anyone right now. It comes with an unbeatable deal; 0% balance transfer rate until April 1 2010 (weird that it’s April fool’s day, but this card is no joke!), no annual fee for the life of the card, and $50 cashback deal when you spend your first $500. You really can’t fault this card for value.

Aussie Mastercard: The Aussie MasterCard is one of those ‘middle-class’ credit cards thanks to its middle of the range costs. You get a low balance transfer rate of 2.99% p.a. for 6 months and the same deal on your purchases for the first 6 months you own the card. The annual card fee is reasonable too for $49.

Woolworths Everyday Money: Woolies’ card is an EVERYDAY winner for all of us. Especially if you tend to shop for groceries in Woolworths. Plus with their planned competing hardware stores to Bunnings you can soon rack up even more savings with this card as you remodel your home. The 5% cashback deal for 3 months is certainly tempting.

So now you’ve got the insider knowledge it’s time to enjoy Christmas, knowing you have the right credit card for you. Thanks to your Christmas credit card life should be fun and not a living nightmare during the festive season.

For more info check out, a free Australian owned online service aimed at helping people manage their credit cards and finances.

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