Your Best DIY Manicure and Pedicure

November 19, 2013

With summer almost here, it’s time to pay attention to one of the most important parts of our body that often gets forgotten about – our feet. Zoe Vokis, Australia’s most sought-after nail technician and manicurist to the stars, dishes the dirt exclusively for Scholl on her tips and tricks to ensuring your tootsies will be thong-ready this season.

If you had one tip for feet and toenails, what would it be?
Keep toenails short and neat and always make sure they are trimmed on an angle to avoid ingrown toenails.

What are the secrets to stars like Miranda Kerr’s feet – does she have any special treatments, or use particular products?
Every time I have come across Miranda Kerr whether it is backstage for a show or for the cover of a glossy magazine, she has proven to be a true super model. She takes pride in having regular manicure and pedicure appointments to keep everything absolutely perfect at all times – it’s as simple as that!

What is the best trick you’ve ever seen?
Once upon a time I was shown how to repair a crack in a natural nail by simply using 1 ply of tissue and nail glue, followed by a light buff! Voila! It’s magic and actually works.

How long can you leave your nail polish on for? From time to time, we are all guilty of ‘topping up’ with another layer for a quick fix. But is this harmful?
No rule with this one but it does depend on the polish used. If you are using a reputable brand such as “Colour Club” you will find that the polish should last 7 days with no fuss.  Also check that there is no Formaldehyde in the ingredients and if not then it is totally fine to paint another layer for a quick fix.

If you don’t have time to run to the spa, how can you quickly treat a chipped nail?
I always keep a natural nail file handy so you can do a quick shape down, which looks much better than a chipped nail.

What’s the best advice you give someone who bites their nails?
You are better off biting your toenails as your fingernails harbour more bacteria! This usually stops every nail biter in their tracks!

What is the wackiest nail art you’ve ever seen?
3D “stiletto” themed nail art is always wacky! A lot of celebrities like to have custom “nail wraps” made just for them, for example Katy Perry has been spotted wearing “Willy Wonka” custom MinxNails.

What is your advice for those who run – should you cut your toenails straight or keep them round?
Always ensure they are as short as possible and that the edges of toenails are curved not square. If not you may cause “Onycholysis”, which is where the nail plate separates from the nail bed and it can cause the nail to completely come off! Not pretty!

What products can you use from your cupboard if you don’t have Scholl products on hand?
My favourite is a daily dose of DADI oil around the cuticles. This can also double up on the dry areas of feet without leaving an oily feel.

Zoe’s top 5 DIY tips for at-home pedicures:

1. Always push back cuticles and buff ridges out of toenails

2. Cut/trim toenails on an angle to avoid “ingrown” toe nails

3. Remove callouses from the balls and heels of your feet using the Scholl’s Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File

4. For incredibly soft feet and smooth edges, be sure to apply Scholl’s Instant Recovery Cream, which deeply penetrates and hydrates the skin

5. For a professional salon finish, apply a base coat followed by 2 colour coats and always finish with top coat for longer lasting wear and shine

Do you prefer at-home mani/pedis or do you go to the salon for your nail fix?

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