Best Energy-Boosting Foods To Eat Whilst Pregnant

September 10, 2014

Pregnancy can be so darn tiring.  I used to find myself fast asleep on the couch by 6.30pm most nights, too tired to even stay awake and watch my favourite shows on TV. But it’s no surprise really. When you’re pregnant your body is working around the clock to help grow and nurture your unborn baby so of course it’s going to need more fuel that usual to keep moving.

When you’re tired the easiest solution to a pick-me-up can sometimes be sweets or chocolate but think again before you indulge in such a treat.  They may give you a short term boost in energy but soon enough your blood sugar will be dropping and you’ll probably end up feeling even more tired than before. What you should be eating are foods that will give you energy for a long period of time.

Protein is a natural pick-me-up and will keep you going for longer so when you’re feeling sluggish tuck into some red meat, cheese, eggs, poultry, quinoa, beans, nuts or seeds. And remember that eating six smaller meals each day is a much better way of keeping your energy levels on a plateau.

Complex carbohydrates are also great for nourishing your baby and keeping your energy levels in check. Whole grain breads, cereals, crackers, baked potatoes, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables are your best sources of healthy carbs.

Fatigue has been linked to iron deficiency so to help keep your iron store levels where they should be you’ll need to eat foods that contain high levels of iron. Spinach, red meat, duck, dried beans, iron-fortified cereals and kale are all excellent sources of iron.

Drinking plenty of water whilst pregnant will also help to stave off the fatigue, so stay hydrated and stay energised. If you can’t stomach too much water try adding some lemon or lime for a slightly different taste.

Remember that food isn’t the only way to stay energised – regular exercise can help to boost your energy too.  A gentle walk each day can do wonders for your energy levels but don’t overdo it – remember to take naps when you need them too.

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