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What’s the Best Green Concealer? Reddit’s Beauty Addicts Weigh In on How They Cover Redness

What’s the Best Green Concealer? Reddit’s Beauty Addicts Weigh In on How They Cover Redness

When I was a teenager, I had rosy cheeks and I hated them with a passion. In hindsight, they were cute, but at the time I tried everything I possibly could to cover them up. My high school had quite a strict no-makeup policy, so I couldn’t opt for a full coverage foundation. Instead, I bought a green concealer and proceeded to cover both my cheeks with it.

To this day, I’m not sure what amazes me more—that my parents let me out of the house looking such a sickly shade of green, or that I didn’t get bullied for such an obvious makeup faux pas.

I’ve grown to love my rosy cheeks but, like anyone, I’m still prone to the odd red blemish that needs covering up. Still scarred by my one and only experience with green concealer, I’ve been hesitant to pick up any green colour correcting products—despite the fact that the products available on the shelves these days are miles ahead of what was around in my teenage years.

These days, there are all sorts of green colour correctors available to suit all budgets and skin types. From green powder concealers to green colour correcting creams, how on earth is a gal to know which one to choose?

Rather than risk another Shrek-face incident, I decided to turn to one of the best beauty advice sources on the internet: Reddit. I trust r/makeupaddiction more than any other beauty advice source on the internet because they’re everyday people and you can be sure that they’re recommending products they truly believe in.

The 5 best green concealers and colour correctors, as recommended by Reddit’s beauty addicts

1. LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Green Concealer

Shop at Target – $5    Shop at Amazon – $5

One of Reddit’s most recommended green concealers is also the cheapest on the list. While I’m a sucker for the slick branding that comes with most expensive beauty products, I do love a good bargain—and this has to be one of the best drugstore green concealers available at the moment.

If you find the green concealer to be a little much on its own, one Redditor also recommended mixing it with a white concealer.

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2. NYX Professional Makeup HD Photogenic Concealer in Green

Shop at Target – $6    Shop at Amazon – $6

This green concealer is designed for use under your eyes if you find that your eye bags have a pink or red tone to them. However, as someone who loves finding multiple uses for one product (mascara in your brows, anyone?), I’d definitely use this to cover up other red spots on my face—and Reddit agrees. One Redditor even claimed that this awesome drugstore green concealer “kicked rosacea’s butt” and another used it as a base for her eyeshadow.

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3. Smashbox Photo Finish Reduce Redness Primer

Shop at Sephora – $39    Shop at Amazon – $39

Although this technically isn’t a green concealer, this green-tinted primer is an excellent way to colour correct rosacea or any other large patches of rosy skin. If this product had been around when I was a teenager, perhaps I could’ve avoided looking a sickly shade of green by mixing this primer with light coverage, dewy foundation—like my favourite Laura Mercier foundation.

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4. Physicians Formula Conceal RX Physicians Strength Concealer in Green

Shop at Amazon – $14

Reddit voted this is one of the best green concealers for redness, as it gives thorough coverage and you really don’t need much of it to cover up your red spots. The formula lasts 12 hours, meaning you won’t be doing any lunchtime touch-ups. Add a layer of tinted moisturiser or CC cream (we love this one by IT Cosmetics) and you’ve nailed the no-makeup look.

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5. Make Up For Ever Redness Corrector

Shop at Sephora – $37

Although slightly exxier than the drugstore green colour correctors, this green primer neutralises redness and keeps your skin hydrated, while also keeping your foundation in place for longer. Suitable for all skin types, it’ll even out your skin texture while adding a radiant glow to even the dullest skin.

There you have it—five of the best green concealers, colour correctors and primers as voted by the beauty addicts of Reddit.

Let us know: What’s your favourite way to conceal redness?

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