Best Hangover Remedies

July 26, 2014
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So you had a few drinks last night and today you’re feeling slightly worse for wear, reaching for the Panadol every few hours to stave off that persistent headache. Hangovers are not fun and sometimes we wish there was a magic cure to make all that pain and fuzziness disappear instantly. Unfortunately I haven’t developed the magic cure yet, but here are some remedies that should help to ease your hangover.


It’s quite obvious that water will help you to feel better.  When you’re hungover you’re dehydrated so the only way to rectify that problem is by replacing the fluids you’ve lost.  Water is the best fluid, but drinks such as Gatorade or juice can also be beneficial because of the nutrients and vitamins found within them.

Gentle exercise

If you can drag yourself out of bed and into the fresh air then doing some light exercise such as a walk or jog may help you to feel better.  Exercise releases endorphins which should brighten your mood and the exercise may also help your body rid itself of the toxins.


If you’re lucky enough to have the chance to sleep your hangover off the following day, it’s a great cure.  Sleep repairs your body and mind so you should wake up feeling better after a nap.

More alcohol?

No.  Despite many people opting for the ‘hair of the dog’ remedy, all you’re really doing is prolonging the hangover side effects.  Although it might make you feel better in the short term, you’ll probably end up feeling even worse later in the day.


One of the best cures is to eat something if you’re feeling ill, preferably bland carbohydrates like toast, crackers or pasta that are slow to digest and will also raise your blood sugar levels which can help with fatigue and drowsiness.


Drinking alcohol depletes your body of potassium and because bananas are full of the nutrient eating one the following day should boost your potassium levels back up again.

Asian soups

Most Asian style soups contain salt, water and ginger which are all great in helping to alleviate hangover symptoms.  Your body loses sodium and water when you drink alcohol so by replenishing these nutrients you should feel better.  Ginger also has a soothing effect on the stomach.


The fructose in honey helps your body to metabolise and digest alcohol quicker.  Consider drinking a banana smoothie with a couple of spoons of honey to help ease your hangover symptoms.

Do you have any remedies of your own that dispel those awful hangover symptoms?  We’d love to know about them!

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