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Best Kids Themed Birthday Parties

Best Kids Themed Birthday Parties

If you have a child’s birthday coming up but are fresh out of ideas for a party, take a look at these themes for inspiration to create your own unforgettable party.


What little boy (or little girl for that matter) wouldn’t love a pirate inspired birthday party?  A black and white striped garland and table cloth would fit the theme perfectly and consider serving the drinks from old rum bottles (labels removed and bottles thoroughly cleaned first).  You can purchase black skull and cross bone balloons, party bags and cupcake cases.  For a treasure hunt, bury treasure in the garden or sandpit in snaplock bags and mark the spots with an X.  Don’t forget to tell you guests to dress up as their favourite pirate too!

Best Kids Themed Birthday Parties


If your little princess loves ballet, then a ballet themed party would go down a treat!  Use subtle pink and white colours for decorations and purchase tutus to slide over the backs of chairs for a really elegant look.  Pink and white striped cupcake cases and ballerina toppers look wonderful for the cupcakes and if you plan on making a birthday cake too, of course make it pink.  Tell your guests to dress as ballerinas and even consider getting a tutor in for a short ballet lesson.

Best Kids Themed Birthday Parties

Under the sea

An under the sea inspired birthday party would suit either a boy or girl and of course has a blue theme with lots of fishy friends.  This whale cake is amazing (and possibly one you may need to get made if you’re not experienced in making cakes) and I love the clam shell idea with the pearls inside (which of course are gumballs or another similar type of candy).  Use blue frosting for your cupcakes with little shark fins poking out the top and decorate the room with varying shades of blue crepe paper, twisted slightly for great effect.

Best Kids Themed Birthday Parties


For a jungle inspired birthday party, you’ll need lots of green, brown and animal print decorations and party supplies.  Purchase an animal piñata, consider paying someone to make an animal themed cake and provide guests with safari hats and toy binoculars when they arrive.  Decorate the room with inflatable (or real if you have them) palm trees and all those animal soft toys that you thought would never have any purpose.  Consider hiring a reptile handler for the party.

Best Kids Themed Birthday Parties


If your little girl loves travel and the finer things in life, this elegant travel themed party could be perfect for her.  Give guests their own passport in a pink travel bag, filled with yummy treats and play pin Australia on the world map – a different take on pin the tail on the donkey.  You’ll need lots of pink decorations and I particularly love the Eiffel Tower themed party hats and cupcake toppers.

Best Kids Themed Birthday Parties

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