The Best Makeup For Flash Photography

November 4, 2014

Do you want to know the secret to flawless makeup for formal events such as a wedding, baptism or simply just a picture-perfect photo? It’s true, you do have to pay more attention to detail when getting ready – but it’s all worth it when the pictures come out truly flawless!

Use these tips the next time you’re getting ready for an event that requires lots of flash photography.

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Get matched

If this is your first time doing your own makeup for a formal event, then it’s always a good idea to get your skin matched by a professional. Not only will they recommend a shade that is close to your skin tone, but it will actually blend in with your neck and the rest of your body. Foundations are either pink or yellow based depending on the undertones of your skin, and a professional makeup artist will guide you through the colour process as best they can. This process might take a little longer, but is so much better than just purchasing any colour via the internet because you can’t see how it interacts with your skin.

Stay matte

Regardless of oily, dry, or combination skin, it’s always good to keep your foundation matte if you want an airbrushed look in your photos. Always carry around a compact powder, or blotting pads so you can easily remove the shine from problem areas such as the chin, forehead, and cheeks.


Stick to SPF-free foundation and primer if you know that you will be photographed for an event. Products containing SPF can result in a white and shiny cast on the face, which show-up in photos like a ghost-like colour if you’re using flash photography.

Oil-free primer

Use a primer to even out your skin tone, and act as a base for the rest of your makeup. It’s best to use an oil-free alternative since this will work to keep your skin matte and shine-free. Only apply a face primer to your cheeks, nose, and forehead. Applying this over your eyes can make the area look oily.

Blend it out

To avoid any harsh lines of contour from showing up on camera, it’s a good idea to invest in high quality brushes which won’t have your makeup looking too dramatic. Make sure to properly blend out your bronzer, highlighter, concealer, and apply blush with a light hand, building up the colour instead of packing it all on at the same time.

Set your makeup

Keep your makeup looking fresh and matte by setting with a translucent powder or even with a spray. This will keep your foundation from oiling up throughout the day, but also won’t have your under-eye makeup from creasing either.

If you are going to use a setting spray, make sure to apply your mascara after you’ve sprayed your face. If applied to freshly painted lashes, this can often ruin the formula and make your lashes look and feel clumpy which makes them hard to manage.

Long-lasting makeup

The secret to flawless makeup in photos is by using high-quality products that are made to last. Foundation, concealer, and eyeshadows are all important products to invest in, since they will really allow your makeup to look flawless regardless of the weather. Keep a small mirror in your handbag to quickly touch-up any problem areas throughout the day.

Natural light

When applying your makeup, choose a setting which is filled with natural light. Any artificial light or filters can often give the wrong impression of how your makeup will actually look.

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