The Best Oil Blotting Sheets

August 3, 2015
The Best Oil Blotting Sheets

Keep your makeup looking fresh and shine-free this summer with the help of oil blotting sheets. These compact beauty products slide right into your wallet or clutch bag and soak up excess oil due to increased humidity. Basically, they’re a lifesaver if you suffer from oily skin and are a must-have for the summer!

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elf Essential Shine Eraser, $1.00

If you’re looking for something which is cheap and does the trick, these blotting papers are the best option. The pack contains 50 sheets which soak up all the oil on your face and leave skin matte and fresh.

The Best Oil Blotting Sheets

Models Prefer Blotting Paper, $5.99

Carry this portable pack in your wallet to touch-up your makeup if you’re constantly on-the-go this summer. Simply press the sheet against your skin and it will soak up the oils without removing your makeup.

The Best Oil Blotting Sheets

Japonesque Blotting Paper Pouch, $6.99

Try this fun and portable blotting paper with an additional pouch to keep skin looking matte all day long. They are perfect to carry around to the beach, bar and everything in between. Ideal for travelling, since they are so small and discrete.

The Best Oil Blotting Sheets

Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens, $10

For more of a luxurious blotting paper, try these which are made from 100 per cent natural Abaca Tree fiber. In addition, they are infused with green tea extract to soothe the skin and reduce shine.

The Best Oil Blotting Sheets

Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Paper, $18.50

Treat your skin to a portable pouch filled with oil-blotting sheets to reduce shine on hot summer days. Eliminate excess sebum by placing the sheets over your shiny areas for 2-5 seconds.

The Best Oil Blotting Sheets

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