The Best Places To Apply Perfume

October 25, 2014

Want to make your perfume last all day long? Common mistakes that women make are usually applying perfume at the neck and onto the wrists. Not only does this friction actually alter the smell of the perfume, but it also won’t make it last any longer! Read-up on our tips below for the best place to spritz your perfume for longer wear.

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Behind the ears

Apply a tiny spritz of your perfume behind the ears for a long-lasting scent that won’t wear off. Not only is this a discreet way of keeping your perfume on all day, but the smell will slowly linger in your hair, and remain fresh for hours on end.

Base of the throat

Avoid directly spraying your perfume on the decolletage, since the chemicals in the product could damage your skin in the long term. Before applying any type of perfume to your pulse points, use a light moisturiser such as Vaseline to make it last longer. Then dab the perfume over the moisturised skin.

Inside the elbows

Well this is certainly news to us! Spraying your perfume inside your elbows is perfect for the warmer weather, since you’re more likely to sweat it off on any other place on the body. However if you are wearing fake tan, only apply a tiny amount of perfume since the particles could dissolve the tan.

Behind the knees

After applying just a thin layer of Vaseline to back of your knee, spritz lightly with perfume and leave to dry. All scents usually have a tendency to rise, so it’s important to spray lower pulse points such as behind the knees and ankles if you want your scent to linger all day long.


Mix a few drops of your perfume into a serum or smoothing cream before applying to the ends of your damp hair. Blow dry as usual, and your hair will smell sweet all day long!

Image via Chanel, Pinterest

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