12 Of The Best Toilet Fragrances That’ll Make Your Bathroom Smell All Nice And Stuff

July 10, 2017

So you don’t have to breathe through your mouth.

I’m a bit of a germophobe and spend a lot of my time cleaning my place, and while stains and clutter irritate me a lot, it’s nasty smells that annoy me the most.

In contrast to some people who feel sick from certain fragrances, I’m not particularly sensitive to smells, so you can find scented candles in literally every room in my home, dryer sheets in my cupboards, and windows wide open even in Winter.

However, the area that’s hardest to keep fresh is the bathroom – and we all know why – but it’s not just our bowel movements that leave unpleasant smells behind, it’s also the basins, drains and general moisture of everything.

It’s imperative to open the windows or turn on the exhaust fan to air out bathrooms every day, but there are actually quite a few other things you can do to improve the smell of your washroom, too.

The fragrance industry has come a long way since overpowering lemon and lavender scented so-called air freshener sprays, which arguably only make matters worse by mixing with the bad smells instead of masking them.

These products will not only make you want to take a deep breath in your bathroom, they also look pretty adding a little bit of cosiness to what can be an otherwise boring and sterile place in your home…

1. Diptyque Scented Oval

This scented ceramic oval diffuses a subtle fragrance while looking chic AF. Hang it anywhere in your bathroom or put it in between towels.

2. Poo-Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray

This punny little spray is super effective as you spray it in the toilet before you go. The essential oil blend then creates a film on the wanter surface that keeps all bad smells contained in the toilet bowl.

3. Glasshouse Tahaa Candle

If you like cookies, you’re going to love this candle, as it smells like you’ve just walked into a bakery. For a subtle sweet smell, just leave the unlit candle in your bathroom, but if you’re after a strong caramel hit, light it before taking a bath and enjoy.

4. MOR Candied Vanilla Reed Diffuser Set

This diffuser set will make any vanity look luxurious thanks to its sleek, black design. The candied vanilla and jasmine smell is a feast for the senses.

5. Diptyque Room Spray

Instead of using cheap air freshener sprays from the supermarket, invest in a proper room perfume from Diptyque with essential oils that will smell fresh for much longer. Spray it on shower curtains or towels for a beautiful scent.

6. Kleenex Scented Toilet Paper

Why use regular toilet paper when you can use scented tissues? The roll will give off a subtle hint of aloe vera, keeping your bathroom scent lovely.

7. Damselfly You Are Beautiful Candle

Because we all need some positive affirmations when standing in front of the bathroom mirror in the morning. This candle not only smells divine (think coconut and white florals), but also puts a smile on your face every time you look at it.

8. Aesop Post-Poo Drops

These citrusy drops can be diluted in the toilet bowl post-flush, or dispensed in the hand basin for a pleasant, long-lasting smell.

9. Glasshouse Marseille Body Bar

Instead of using a shower gel, try washing yourself with a fragrant body bar and keep it in a soap dish in the shower to keep the bathroom smelling fresh every day.

10. Côte Noire Perfumed Flowers

Having fragrant fresh flowers in the bathroom can get quite exxy, but these beautiful silk flowers look and smell like the real deal without the hassle of keeping them alive.

11.  Dusk MoodMist Diffuser

An LED oil diffuser not only makes your bathroom smell nice, but it also creates romantic light when you and your partner want to get wet together.

12. The Bad Air Sponge

If you’re not into fragrances, but just want a fresh, neutral smell, this bad air sponge is your bathroom BFF. Keep it close to the source of bad smells so it can absorb them easily.

Featured image via tumblr.com.

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