Best Travel Complaints

October 26, 2010

Best Travel Complaints

There’s nothing more frustrating having a complaint whilst travelling but there’s also nothing funnier hearing other people’s whinging from the absurd to the downright petty!

Travel website have compiled their best-ever complaints from travel companies, from a tourist who said there were too many children in Fiji – despite it being school holidays, and brining her own children, to travellers who said it was too cold to ski in Japan – during winter.

Other gems include complaints from visitors to Sydney who said there were not enough kangaroos hopping around the CBD, travellers to Europe who said there were not enough English speakers – even a tourist to China who was unsatisfied after finding the Gucci handbag she bought for $20 at a market was fake.

Most of us dream of a beach holiday – however one traveller to Greece complained the beaches had stones instead of sand, while another traveller moaned that the beaches were too sandy. reports their own complaints including a guest who was fed up with his AC making weird noises, only for staff to discover the sounds were coming from an electric toothbrush in his luggage.

Last year British tour operator Thomas Cook compiled their favourite travel complaints, including a tourist who whined about discovering fish swimming in the sea.

“No-one told us there would be fish in the sea. The children were startled,” the tourist wrote.

You have to wonder at the people behind complaints like “there is too much curry served in restaurants in India” and “there are too many Spanish people in Spain”.

A Novotel hotel in Australia also received a complaint that their soup was too thick and strong. In fact they had been eating from the gravy boat!

Have you ever had a travel complaint – fess up here!

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