Christmas Gifts Your Travel Obsessed Friends Will Lose It Over

November 15, 2017

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Let’s face it, buying Christmas gifts for the people you cherish most in the world can be overwhelming.

What if they hate your present? What if someone else buys them the exact same gift? What if they spend more on you than you spend on them?!

This whole process gets a lot easier when your friends and family have a clear interest – travel, for example.

So if you’ve got a loved one who’s obsessed with jetting off on new adventures, read on, because I’ve trawled all the latest and greatest new travel accessories to bring you the best Christmas gift ideas for your worldly friends and family…

For the solo sailor: Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones

The first time I tried these was on a 14-hour flight from Sydney to Los Angeles, and I’m very happy to announce that these beauties work a charm. Bose promises a 20-hour battery life, and I’m certain they would’ve made it there and possibly further. Plus they are sleek, lightweight, don’t hurt my ears (thanks to the super-comfy leather cushioning), and can also be used as normal headphones (the buttons at the back of the right ear let me play, pause and adjust sound) and when chatting on the phone (yay for Bluetooth-enabled devices!).

Buy them here.

For the party animal: Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Bluetooth speaker

At the other end of the spectrum (and off the plane), music should be pumping, which is why I always pack my Wonderboom. The rebel inside me got kicks out of the fact that it looks a bit like a grenade; I’m always eager, if a tad nervous, to see if airport security does a baggage check – they never have. The tunes that project out of this easily handheld device are clear AF, and its cylindrical design really sets it apart from its competitors because it means music can be heard all around it. Apparently it’s also waterproof, but I’m too scared to test that.

Buy it here.

For the workaholic: Lenovo Yoga Book

Listing everything I love about this device would mean you’d be on this page for hours. So, instead, here’s a quick rundown: it’s a laptop and tablet in one (so I can switch whenever the whim takes me), it’s almost as light as a feather, the keyless keyboard glows at me as though it’s an abandoned puppy who’s happy to have my attention (you can blame Apple for that analogy – how it hasn’t surpassed the iPad in sales is beyond me!), the keyboard also transforms to an in-built Wacom-style pad, and its flexible spine has gifted me with hours of successful pranks. Plus the name: YogaBook – so feminine!

Buy it here.

For the Airbnb-er: TP-Link Deco M5

To the unseasoned traveller, this may seem like unnecessary baggage – but you wouldn’t believe how many horror stories I’ve heard about people’s security being hacked. Whenever I’m away on a mini-break, particularly when I’m staying at a place I booked through Airbnb and the like, I bring Deco along with me. By connecting it to the accommodation’s wi-fi, it secures my connection with exploit and malware protection, which means no more hacked social media or bank accounts. It also means my whole family gets coverage when we stay at big beachside homes over the Christmas break.

Buy it here.

For the travel-journal writer: Livescribe 3 Smartpen & Lined Journals

When my incredibly talented business architect coworker introduced me to this, I almost couldn’t lift my jaw off the ground. Are you sitting down? Okay… Anything that’s written in this journal, with this pen, is immediately and automatically stored on your phone. You can keep it in your handwriting or have it transcribed. There is also a button on the pages that you tap when you want to record audio (great for meetings or, in my case, interviews). You can use it for work, but I use it as a travel journal because I’ve often thought how convenient it would be to have soft copies of my notes – especially when it comes to deadline time!

Buy them here.

For the forgetful friend: Tile Style

I never thought I’d see the day when a tiny keyring would have the ability to save your holiday. Most people I know have had their luggage lost at least once. If you throw this waterproof Bluetooth tracker – aptly named Tile Style – inside your luggage, you’ll be able to locate it whenever it goes astray, even if it’s in a different country. Then, when you’re back home, you could do what I do and attach it to my passport (which I am always misplacing) – its battery life lasts a year, so it’ll still be able to be found even if you don’t travel as often.

Buy it here.

For the stress head: Volosano micSTICK

I still haven’t found a neck pillow that is comfortable enough to sleep on without waking up with neck cramps, but I did recently come across the micSTICK. When connected to a phone that’s playing music, the compact cylinder sends low-frequency micro-currents to pressure points on your body (hands, feet, lower back, neck) to help alleviate any tension you’re holding. It’s a bit of an odd feeling at first, so it’s best to get used to it before you hop on a long flight.

Buy it here.

For the carry-all comrade: Belkin Classic Pro Backpack

And to pack all of this awesome tech safely, I rely on the hardy Belkin Classic Pro Backpack. The padded inner pocket comfortably houses my Yoga Book, my Livescribe combo sits just in front of that, my QC35 headphones are happy inside the main compartment with my Wonderboom, and I throw my phone in the top front pocket and my power bank in the bottom front pocket. I love the square framing and the ‘I mean business’ grey – it keeps the bag looking compact and helps my mind stay grounded when I’m out doing the best job in the world.

Buy it here.

Image via pexels.com.

Comment: What’s your favorite travel accessary?

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