Best Winter Wellness Solutions Part 2

June 17, 2011

Best Winter Wellness Solutions Part 2

While there is no magical cure for the common cold, Blackmores Director of Education, Pam Stone, believes the key to beating winter ailments lies in your immune system.

1. Help from herbs

Another helpful herb that has stood the test of time is echinacea. Pam says it is known to support the immune system and may help reduce the severity and duration of colds.

2. Get a good night’s sleep

According to Pam, sleeping well may also help to keep your immune function at its best during the winter months. If you’re not getting enough sleep, or your sleep is of poor quality, you may be more susceptible to the common cold.

To help improve your sleep, Pam recommends trying going to bed at the same time each night and waking up at the same time each morning. Also ensure your room is dark, quiet, not too hot and technology free. She also says that a supplement containing extracts of valerian, along with lemon balm and magnesium can help achieve a restful, restorative and quality sleep..

3. Stress less

When life is busy and we’re under prolonged periods of stress, your immune function can start to suffer, and before you know it the symptoms of the dreaded cold or flu have started to take hold. Stress leads to an increase in the production of hormones that can suppress immune function.

To help reduce your stress and maintain your immunity, Pam suggests making time for relaxation and activities you enjoy. Regular exercise, meditation and yoga are all great stress relievers. And there’s nothing like losing yourself in a good book while sipping a cup of herbal tea to keep stress at bay.

4. Day & night

Looking for a more natural alternative to over-the-counter cold and flu medications? Blackmores Cold & Flu Day/Night helps to relieve the symptoms of cold and flu such as cough, blocked nose, headaches, body aches and pains. It also works to support the immune system in the fight against cold and flu.

The day/night formula provides symptom relief during the day and calming relief at night to help promote sleep.

5. Sunshine or supplement

Darker, shorter days are synonymous with winter and as such, most of us don’t seem to get enough sunshine. Sun exposure is needed for the manufacture of vitamin D, an important nutrient for healthy immune function. Pam says low vitamin D levels may increase the risk of common cold and upper respiratory tract infections. With less exposure to the sun in winter these deficiencies are likely to be higher in the main cold and flu months. If you can’t get outside and catch the suns rays, a vitamin D supplement can be beneficial.

Blackmores has a wide range of cough, cold, flu and immunity products. To find out more on how you can manage this year’s cold and flu lifecycle naturally, visit or call Blackmores Free Advisory Service on 1800 803 760.

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