The Best Workouts For Saddlebags

September 18, 2014

Are you absolutely helpless when it comes to getting rid of your saddlebags? These are often  referred to the extra fat which is located on the side of each thigh. The upper-thigh area of the body usually protrudes sideways and is often extremely difficult to tone up. Below are a just a few effective exercises which will help to reduce the appearance of saddlebags and inner-thigh fat.

Leg raises

Lie down on your side and keep your body propped up on your bottom arm, which should be tucked under the breast. Raise your upper leg, making sure to keep your hips nice and straight.

The Best Workouts For Saddlebags


Perfect for beginners who are just trying to tone-up without over-exerting themselves, step-ups are quick and easy workouts for the entire leg muscle. Bend your knee at a 90º angle then step down before repeating this on the other leg.

The Best Workouts For Saddlebags

Elbow plank

The elbow plank is much more effective than your regular plank, since it requires extra attention and stability. Start off with a pushup position, then lower both of your forearms onto the ground. This should allow both your elbows and fists to remain fairly flat. Curl your toes, then push out into a normal plank position.

The Best Workouts For Saddlebags


You know by now the best way to achieve a killer squat, right? The secret is to keep your back very straight and always have your feet hips-length apart.

The Best Workouts For Saddlebags

Side lunges

Bend your knees into a squatting position and keep your hands on your hips for extra stability. Now bend your knee before returning into a standing position. Remember to alternate on each leg for a consistent workout.

The Best Workouts For Saddlebags


We’ve left the best (and most painful) for last. Start by lying flat on your back with arms on the side, then keep your feet flat onto the ground and slide them upwards so your knees are slightly bending. Squeeze your butt muscles as your raise your hips upwards for the best possible results.

The Best Workouts For Saddlebags

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