How to Improve Foreplay?

December 1, 2000

Okay, does he do the fast-forward through the stuff that turns you on? Well, he probably needs to learn to relax. The best thing to do is get him to lie still while you stroke, kiss and caress him for about 30 minutes. He mustn’t move or even try to reciprocate. (Could be hard but he has to lie still). A sex therapist says that men who fail this usually rush foreplay. Well, don’t panic cause this test is actually a form of therapy so make him keep doing it until he passes.

What Type of Couple Are You?

When do you have sex? If you have it first thing in the morning you are a couple that are comfortable with each other. If you have it at night you’re practical and traditional. Having sex before you go to sleep means you are committed to this relationship. It actually means you prefer a more structured way of life. If you enjoy sex in the middle of the day you’re definitely adventurous, free spirited and you are both rule breakers.

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