Between the sheets – Taoist sex

March 2, 2000

Exotica. Bored of the western style of lovemaking? Then why not bring a little oriental spice into the bedroom. This edition – Taoist sex…

Taoist sex pays special attention to aesthetic pleasure of lovemaking. It’s all about keeping your eyes open, making sex a visual experience as well as a tactile one. Taoist sex is often referred to as beautiful sex for beautiful people (well it makes you feel beautiful!) For example, in “The galloping horse” position the man sits down on his knees and pulls the woman (lying on her back) onto his knees. The man thrusts while holding onto her neck and foot like a bareback rider clinging to the mane and tail of a speeding horse. Another Tao technique is the kneeling rear entry position. The man can reach and stimulate her genitals with his one free hand, while supporting his weight with the other.

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