Beyonce and JLo fighting over the same man?

March 22, 2005

Beyonce and JLo fighting over the same man?

JLo & Beyonce battle for Becks
JLo & Beyonce battle for Becks
Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Lopez are reportedly fighting over who gets David Beckham starring in their next music video. The pair met him while filming their recent Pepsi commercial and couldn?t believe how popular he is in Europe. ?During all the promotional appearances more people were screaming for him than them,” an insider reveals. “Beyonce and J-Lo have good business heads and realise what great publicity it would be to have David in their videos. David is hugely flattered to be approached by both the singers. But it would be overdoing it to appear in two videos so he’s trying to decide between them.”

Justin Timberlake locks lips with OC actress
Justin Timberlake is a ?hot kisser? according to Olivia Wilde who plays bisexual Alex in the American drama The OC. She was kissed by the pop star during the filming for their upcoming movie Alpha Dogs, the true life story of drug dealer Jesse James Hollywood who was suspected of kidnapping and killing a 15-year-old boy in 2000. The 21-year-old actress said being kissed by Justin was the highlight in her life. “The reason he’s so hot is he’s amazing looking, he’s pure sex. But, he’s very gentlemanly and respectful and very in love with his girlfriend (Cameron Diaz).? Apparently Justin even apologised afterwards three times for invading her privacy. Just in case you were wondering, there was “no tongue, but it was an unexpected, impromptu kiss. The director told him to do it behind my back. That’s why you’ll see a look of complete and utter shock and amazement on my face.? If he ever feels like locking lips with me one day, you won?t see me complaining either!

Baywatch on the big screen
That?s right, the high cut red swimmers and oily wash-board abs are back, bigger and hopefully better than ever before! The New York Post has reported that Steven Spielberg has secured the movie rights to the Malibu television show and intends to make the movie in 2006. The likes of David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson, Yasmine Bleeth and Carmen Electra have been prancing around the beaches of Malibu since the show debuted in 1989. Despite being aired to over 140 countries, it was cancelled in 2001 due to poor ratings. Wonder if David Hasselhoff will be back?!

Mary-Kate and Ashley lowly interns
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