Beyonce The Feminist?

August 16, 2010

Beyonce The Feminist

We can’t help but love Beyonce, from the bootylicious body we all wish we had, to her fun get-up-and-dance hits. But we couldn’t help but sit up and take notice at her latest incarnation, as a feminist.

“I think I am a feminist in a way,” she told UK’s YOU magazine. “It’s not something I consciously decided I was going to be.

“My friendships with my girls are just so much a part of me that there are things I am never going to do that would upset that bond. I never want to betray that friendship because I love being a woman and I love being a friend to other women.”

28-year-old Beyonce, who started a girl band in her teens and is very close to her sister and mum, has always maintained that female relationships must be nurtured.

“I think we learn a lot from our female friends – female friendship is very, very important. It’s good to support each other and I do try to put that message in my music,” she said.

Such as, put a ring on it? That’s the interesting thing about Beyonce. Her songs might be empowering (Single Ladies, anyone?) but can you label someone who dances around in leotards and heels and poses in provocative outfits a feminist?

“I am like any other woman who has a child, who has a husband, who has a job. I think it’s the hardest thing about being a woman because we have so many responsibilities.”

But like many modern day women who strive to have it all, she maintains that she wants to keep working and start a family.

“My ambition is to continue to learn about the world and to eventually have a family.”

What do you think? Would you describe Beyonce as a feminist?

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