8 Big Bucks Celeb Break-Ups

April 2, 2000

How much is a divorce worth in Hollywood?The former king of night time television, the Tonight Show’s Johnny Carson coughed up US$20 million to divorce third wife, Joanna, in 1985.

Clint Eastwood suffered a US$25 million blow to his hip pocket after he ended his 31 year marriage to wife, Maggie.

Bruce Springsteen was US$20 million poorer after his 3 year marriage to actress/model, Julianne Phillips, came to an end.

When Stephen Spielberg planned to divorce wife, Amy Irving, he didn’t realise that his was to be one of the largest divorce settlements in showbiz. After only 34 months of marriage, Irving walked away with US$100 million of Spielberg’s mammoth fortune.

Country crooner Kenny Rogers, forked out US$60 million of his staggering fortune to her ex wife.

It cost Michael Douglas US$64 million to dump his wife of 23 years, Diandra.

Ted Danson’s wife Casey, walked away with US$30 million of her husband’s fortune in 1994, after reports linked him romantically with his Cheers co-star, Whoopi Goldberg.

Renowned perv Kevin Costner, shelled out US$40 million to divorce Cindy, his wife of 16 years, and mother of his three children.

Pre Nuptial agreements

Signing a pre-nup (now legally recognised in Australia) has its pros and cons and is only really useful when large fortunes are concerned, particularly when you’re talking about the kind of money mentioned above. The average couple paying off a mortgage don’t really need one, after all, in most cases both partners contribute to the mortgage repayments and the costs of living, whether that’s a 100% financial contribution or care-taking one – being the sole carer of children. Second marriages however are a little different, particularly if one partner owns assets obtained from another marriage. For example, a forty year old woman with three teenage children may be wise to take out a prenup.

To protect her family home if she remarries (particularly in the event of her untimely death, she’d be wise to legally ensure that her children, not her new husband own the home – via trustee till they come of age). Those with large family fortunes and those set to inherit large sums/assets should consider sighing a prenup. While no one wants to start off a marriage thinking it’s not going to last forever, a simple document like a prenup can save a lot of hassle and wrangling if for some reason things do go wrong down the track. It is important however to approach the subject carefully, and on the other side of the coin, not to get offended if your husband-to-be asks you to sign one!

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