Bikini Selfies: Inspirational Or Annoying?

September 12, 2015
bikini selfies: inspirational or annoying

It’s the classic newsfeed that we scroll through whenever we are checking out Facebook or Instagram. There’s photos of an old friend who’s off travelling, someone getting engaged and a string of bikini selfies from girls who call fitness their religion.

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The bikini selfie is one that is usually well thought out. It needs a couple of key ingredients to ensure maximum likeage and comments from creepy guys who tell you that you look amazing, or worse, use a love heart eye emoticon. Gross. The key ingredients to a good bikini selfie are a great tan, a fabulous bikini, good angles and lighting, and of course, a toned body. Bonus points if, instead of using a mirror, you’re actually on the beach, laying down and photographing not only your body, but an amazing view to instil some travel envy into your followers. Extra bonus points if you tag the bikini brand and then get a shout out.

We idolise the women of Instagram who post up inspiring bikini pics with links to their latest workout plan for you to buy, because we think it’s motivational for us. We might re-gram a photo with the hashtag #fitspo and the praise hands emoji in a display of awe for these woman who actually do fitness for a living.

bikini selfies: inspirational or annoying
The Kardashians are not shy with their bikini selfies

However, when friends, family or acquaintances post a few bikini selfies, at first we’re supportive, adding comments like: “You look amazing,” and “You’ve done so well!” But when the stream of pictures is coming in thick and strong, it’s easy to get a bit annoyed and mentally tell them to put it away. Sometimes, you even (shamefully) feel a pang of jealousy that someone who works a normal job can look like that.

Overall though, I personally find bikini selfies motivational in theory. It’s all well and good to scroll through social media and see someone in a bikini and think, “wow, I would love to look like that,” but it doesn’t stop me from stuffing my face full of sour cream and onion chips and the occasional piece of cake.

I would now like to open it up to you guys; do you think bikini selfies are annoying, or do you find it inspiring when people post a picture of their workout progress and how great they look in a bikini? Are you a bikini pic poster? Or do you just not care at all?

Images via instagram.com/kyliejenner

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