Bill Cosby Accusers Unite On Cover Of New York Magazine

July 28, 2015
Bill Cosby, New York Magazine, Cosby: The Women, Sexual Assault, Rape, The Cosby Show

In a powerful movement against alleged rapist, Bill Cosby, 35 women who have accused the actor of sexual assault have untied on the front cover of New York Magazine for what can only be described as a harrowing tell-all.

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Interviewing 35 of the 46 women who have publicly come forward, the cover story comes just weeks after it was revealed that Cosby admitted in a 2005 deposition to sedating women he wanted to have sex with with Quaaludes – a drug which can render a person functionally immobile.

While the 78-year-old entertainer hasn’t been charged and continues to deny all allegations, instead labelling some of the accusations as misinterpretations, the incidents, described by each women via the article in full detail, suggest otherwise.

Bill Cosby, New York Magazine, Cosby: The Women, Sexual Assault, Rape, The Cosby Show

One women featured on the cover, Jewel Alison, said in the article that she was drugged and raped after meeting the actor through her modelling agent. “She said that Cosby wanted to see me. Which I thought was obviously for the show,” she explained.

“I was told there was going to be a dinner, and when I got there, no one ever arrived. He asked me if I wanted a glass of wine; I took a few sips. It had a horrible taste. And I started not feeling well,” she added.

“He helped me up by my underarms with both hands. He walked me into the next room, where there was a mirror on the wall, and he told me to look at myself. Something was wrong with me.

“And then he took my right hand, and he put it behind my back. I remember seeing semen on the floor. And I felt some liquid on my hand. That was when I knew something sexual was going on.”

Forced into silence by the culture of an earlier generation, the New York Magazine pointed out that women who accused famous men of rape were assumed to be after money or attention.

PJ Masten, one of Cosby’s alleged victims, said: “I told my supervisor at the Playboy Club what he did to me, and you know what she said to me? She said: ‘You do know that that’s Hefner’s best friend, right?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ She says to me: ‘Nobody’s going to believe you. I suggest you shut your mouth.’”

Since allegations began to surface last November, Bill Cosby, who was once one of America’s beloved father figures thanks to his role in The Cosby Show, has seen his reputable career go up in flames with productions cancelled and reruns of the 80’s hit show canned.

As stated in the New York Magazine: “A woman claiming her own victimhood is more powerful than any other weapon in the fight against rape.”

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