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Bio Sculpture® nail gel review!

Bio Sculpture® nail gel review!

Are you a nail-biter? Do you want a manicure that never chips? Bio Sculpture® is the answer to gorgeous nails as editor, Melissa, found out.

I’m getting married and as I’m sure many of you know, this means the search for endless beauty tricks, tool and innovations to help me look my best on the Big Day.

One of the things I have always been conscious of is my nails because not only are they teeny weeny but I also have a tendency to bite them. That’s why when I heard of Bio Sculpture® I just had to try it out for my hen’s party.

What is it?

Bio Sculpture® is the world’s first nail gel to provide permanent nail colour solutions that actually enhances the health of your nails. The unique gel formula is free from harmful chemicals such a Formaldehyde and Toluene, which are prohibited ingredients in the UK.

The gel allows your nails the flexibility they need to carry out all your daily duties, without breaking or chipping. Celebrities Jessica Alba and Victoria Beckham are lovers of Bio Sculpture® Gel’s great products.

Bio Sculpture® has over 100 colours and doesn’t require buffing or glues for application which means that neither therapist or client inhales toxic fumes or buffing dust. Application and removal time is quick and easy and there is no damage to the natural nail.

All nationwide Bio Sculpture® technicians are fully trained, qualified and accredited according to Bio Sculpture®’s international standard requirements so you know you’re getting the best service. The cost per session is approximately $60, with touch ups/infills required every 3 – 4 weeks or more.

Does it work?

Absolutely! I have to admit, I was hesitant at first because I was worried about the impact on my nails and on my ability to do things (like type!)

But Bio Sculpture® is nothing like acrylic nails – it is a gel that sits as a thin film over my nails so I can’t even tell I am wearing them. It looks like I have had an amazing manicure because it does not chip or smudge and my nails even get to grow and strengthen underneath the film.

I’m really impressed and would highly recommend it!

For more information, visit or call 1300 BIO GEL (246435).

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