Blogger Killed Her Son For The Attention

March 3, 2015
Lacey Spears, second-degree murder

A woman has been convicted of killing her 5-year-old son with copious amounts of salt after blogging and using social media to publish her ‘findings’ on the dangers of sodium to children.

Lacey Spears was said to have revelled in the attention of her son, Garnett-Paul’s illness and her actions were described by the Assistant District Attorney, Patricia Murphy, as “nothing short of torture”.

“The motive is bizarre, the motive is scary, but it exists.”

Doctors testified at the trial that there was no known medical explanation for the high sodium levels found in the boy’s bloodstream that led to death.

mummy blogger, Lacey Spears, murder

Despite Spears’s defence stating there was no direct evidence of a crime, two feeding bags were found at the family home that were excessively tainted with salt. One had approximately equal to 69 teaspoons.

Spears was convicted of second-degree murder.

Images via AP and facebook

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