24 Terrifyingly Bloody Films To Get You In The Mood For Halloween

October 10, 2016

You’ll be sleeping with the lights on after watching these horror flicks.

There’s nothing quite like watching a good horror movie.

Your heart rate rises, you move to the edge of your seat, block your ears and close your eyes – it’s one hell of an experience. And with Halloween approaching, it’s the perfect time to gather up your fave frightening flicks and re-watch them, and check out some new ones to terrify you beyond belief in the process.

So whether you’re in the mood for a cult classic, a slasher movie, a psychological thriller or gore galore, this ultimate list of Halloween-perfect films is sure to get you in the mood…

1. Scream, 1996

A killer on the loose, lots of bloody deaths and a creepy mask? What more could you want from this iconic film that made us terrified to ever watch a scary movie at home alone again?! It’s the perfect flick to kick off Halloween season.

2. Friday the 13th, 1980

Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake, where someone is killing co-eds. This slasher franchise introduced the world to Jason Vorhees and his trademark hockey mask, who would then go on to appear in 12 more films.

3. Evil Dead, 2013 

The remake of Sam Raimi’s 1981 horror cult-classic, this film is an absolute bloodbath, featuring possession, gore and terror. It has everything a good Halloween horror movie should have.

4. Hush, 2016

Not your average invasion movie, Hush stars a deaf woman going up against a psychopath intent on tormenting her – but she doesn’t give up. This freaky flick will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish, absolutely guaranteed.

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street, 1984

What would Halloween be without Freddie Kruger, the slasher villain who will cut you up while you sleep? This creepy cult flick stars a very young Johnny Depp in his first ever feature film role, one you’ll never forget after hearing the words, “One, two, Freddie’s coming for you…”

6. Cabin in the Woods, 2012

Cabin in the Woods might look like a cliche horror film, where a group of dumb college students go to a cabin and wind up dead, but this one has one hell of a twist. It also stars the sexy Chris Hemsworth, in case you needed another reason to check it out.

7. The Babadook, 2014

A psychological horror film out of Australia which was a massive critical success, The Bababook is a monster movie like no other, and its creepy atmosphere is so unsettling, you’ll feel it all over your body. You can’t get rid of The Babadook…

8. The Amityville Horror, 1979

Based on one of the most famous hauntings of all time, The Amityville Horror follows the Lutz family and their experience with the entity which tormented them and ultimately caused them to flee their home; and this original 1979 film has a certain appeal which subsequent remakes couldn’t master.

9. Sinister, 2012

Sinister is the kind of movie you watch with a group of people and the lights on because it’s so downright creepy – which is perfect for getting you in the mood for Halloween. After watching this, you’ll never want to watch your old home movies, ever again.

10. The Exorcist, 1973

Can a horror movie be any more of a classic than The Exorcist? The story of the possession of 12 year-old Regan is one of the scariest and most shocking ever seen on the big screen, and still holds up to this title today.

11. The Purge, 2013

Imagine if, one night a year, all crime was legal. This dystopian flick shows exactly how terrifying this situation would be, and will have you triple-checking the locks on your doors and windows. Welcome to the purge…

12. Pet Sematary, 1989

Practically prerequisite Halloween viewing, based on the work of horror master Stephen King, you have to re-watch this classic horror flick if you haven’t already, and ask yourself the question; have any people ever been buried in the pet cemetery?

13. The Descent, 2005

If any movie could ever make you feel claustrophobic in an open room, it is The Descent. A group of women go cave exploring and get stuck – but they aren’t alone. It is a bloody horror-fest down there…

14. Carrie, 1976

Though it’s been remade many times, the original flick, starring Sissy Spaseck, is a must-see. Carrie is an eccentric teen who gets her revenge in the bloodiest way possible after being bullied relentlessly at school. It’s the ultimate revenge film, and perfect for a pre-Halloween movie night.

15. The Conjuring, 2013

The Conjuring was a massive critical and commercial success when it hit screens in 2013, and for a good reason. It’s genuinely scary, and its 1970s setting makes it feel like a classic horror film. You won’t want to watch this one alone.

16. It Follows, 2015

Talk about creepy… It Follows is so different from any other horror movie you’ve ever seen, you really have to see it for yourself to appreciate its frightening brilliance. Just be warned: it could be anywhere, it could be anything, and it is completely terrifying…

17. Psycho, 1960

The shower scene! The soundtrack! Alfred Hitchcock created one of the most classic thrillers of all time with Psycho, and it should be on everyone’s essential Halloween movie list.

18. The Loved Ones, 2012

One of the most disturbing horror movies of the last few years, The Loved Ones will leave you feeling uncomfortable and never let you forget: if a girl called Lola invites you to the prom, you should probably just say yes…

19. The Others, 2001

No Halloween movie-fest is complete without a spooky ghost movie. Nicole Kidman stars in this unsettling film about a mother and her two sick children, where nothing is as it seems…

20. Gothika, 2003

You can’t trust someone who thinks you’re crazy, as Halle Berry learns in this psychological horror flick which will make you question everything – right until the end.

21. Child’s Play, 1988

Can we all agree dolls are terrifying? Child’s Play introduced the world to the killer doll, Chucky, who is possessed by the spirit of a murderer. If only more people had believed Andy straight away…

22. The Grudge, 2004

Whether you like the original Japanese film or the American remake, one this is for sure; The Grudge is one of the scariest movies you’ll ever watch. Jumpy scares galore, you won’t stop being frightened while watching this ghostly flick.

23. Cabin Fever, 2002

You can’t get more bloody than a skin-eating disease ripping apart co-eds on in an isolated cabin. A refreshing take on the ‘cabin in the woods’ cliche, Cabin Fever is deliciously gruesome.

24. Halloween, 1978

No Halloween movie list would be complete without the one and only; Halloween. Jamie Lee Curtis is the original scream queen in this slasher flick about an escaped murderer on the loose. Expect to scream at the screen frequently, “He’s BEHIND YOU!

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