What Is Your Body Acne Telling You?

February 1, 2015
What Is Your Body Acne Telling You?

Did you know that those annoying little bumps on your back, chest or even legs are caused by variety of factors including poor diet and even subtle allergic reactions.

We are debunking the old wives tales which have been boasting for years that a poor diet can only show on your face – it’s actually quite the contrary! Here is everything you need to know about body acne, and what it actually means.

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Any red bumps on the surface of the neck can stem from a few different factors. Sometimes a build-up of skincare can cause itchiness and irritation on supersensitive skin. Other factors include hormonal imbalances, and even a diet with an excess of sugar.


Not only is back acne extremely common in both men and women of different ages, but it can also be easily cured. Common factors include too much sweating, body lotions clogging the pores and becoming infected, and eating too much fried food.


Did you know that eating too much spicy food can cause chest acne? This is a really common issue which both men and women can suffer from, due to a poor diet, and even drinking too many icy beverages.


You may find that the little pores on your arms can swell-up and turn into irritable acne spots. This is due to a build-up of body lotions, fake tan, and makeup which can clog up pores. Keep the area clean by regularly using a thermal water on your skin.


This happens to the best of us! Small red bumps on the bottom or crotch usually mean that the underwear you’re wearing is too tight, and the skin can’t breathe. Choose 100% cotton, especially during the summer months!


Keep skin clean as much as possible by reducing the amount of lotions and fake tans you apply. This can often result in itchy red spots on the knees and inner thighs which can cause scarring. If you do suffer from any in-grown hairs as a result, clean the area with a wipe, and avoid the urge to pluck!

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