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June 15, 2004

Book & Music Reviews

Inheriting Jack
Kathy Wilson & Kris Webb
Pan Macmillan
RRP $30.00
Julia is thirty-something and she?s happy about it. She?s a successful lawyer with a possible partnership on the horizon, she?s just bought her own house, she?s got a swanky new car that sometimes works and she?s got good friends close by. But when her best friend Anita is killed in Italy, her world falls apart. Anita?s 18-month-old son Jack is being sent to Australia to be brought up by Julia. Suddenly this women, who thought she had it all figured out, has to start again with a toddler by her side. This is a nice, simple book to read. The story line is reasonably predictable but the characters are likable while being realistic. It makes you realise – no matter how you think you?ve got your life planned out, it only takes one wrong move for it to turn upside down in a matter of minutes.

RRP $30.00 but $27.00 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

Do You Come Here Often?
Alexandra Potter
Random House Australia
RRP $21.95
It?s quite amusing that the back cover of this book says ?Life?s full of surprises? and I found it to be one of the most predictable books I?ve ever read. On her thirty-first birthday, Grace suddenly realises her fianc? of three years isn?t the perfect match she thought he was. As she rediscovers single life, she forms a fond friendship with her first love, Jimi, who has been recently dumped a week before his wedding. We also follow the story of Grace?s best friend Rianne, who is re-entering the dating scene with her 3 year old son in tow. The entire book is set against the backdrop of late night dating show Dr Cupid, which aims to pair up lonely hearts all over England. Despite the predictable (and at times, corny) nature of this book, you can?t tear your eyes away. It?s the ultimate chick lit – romance, sex and desire thrown in with feisty dialogue between attractive and trendy characters.

RRP $21.95 but $19.76 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

Abi Tucker – Dreamworld
You’ve got to be in a certain mood to enjoy this CD. It’s not really music you can just chill out to and forget about. Instead you need to listen to the lyrics; hear the rawness and what inspired this actor/singer/songwriter. Abi Tucker is best known for her role as Miranda in The Secret Life of Us. However she’s determined to forge her career as a singer, as she claims music is her first love. Many tracks from this album were written before she began perfoming in Secret Life.

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