Book Review – Filthy Rich

April 2, 2002

Filthy Rich

By Dorothy Samuels,

Harper CollinsDon’t underestimate the pressure of being someone’s lifeline in a million-dollar game show. How would you cope if you were called by a mate pleading with you for the correct answer to the $64,000 dollar question, or, as the case may be, the $1.75 million dollar question? Just say you get it wrong? What then? And what if that mate was not just some mate, but in fact your boyfriend. What then if that same boyfriend then proceeded on live television to dump you for choosing the wrong answer and costing them more money than they are ever likely to earn in their lifetime?

Enter Marcy Mallowitz professional life-coach and, as a result of her unceremonious on-air dumping, an overnight media sensation hounded by the paparazzi, courted by magazines and pursued by the undisputed queen of internationally televised on-screen therapy Oprah.

‘Filthy Rich’ is a funny and witty take on the new breed of celebrity spawned by mega-million dollar quiz shows, cut-throat endurance contests and reality-TV gone mad. Interspersed with real quiz show questions (and the correct answers!) and packed with comforting cult-TV reference points, it’s a deliciously light and entertaining way to fill in the time while you’re waiting for Australian Temptation Island to come on.

By Sally Schofield

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