Book Review – Knotted By Michelle Holman

April 24, 2010

Knotted by Michelle Holman

All’s fair in love and custody battles – but does the fighting have to be so much fun? Danny Lawson is struggling to raise her twin sister’s orphaned children and hold down a full-time job in a busy A & E department. Then the children’s American uncle, Ross Fabello, contacts her – out of the blue, under family orders to take the children back to meet their father’s family. Ross has money, time and, frankly, a formidable family that will not take no for an answer. So how come a mouthy nurse keeps managing to out-manoeuvre him?

Danny’s niece and nephew are all the family she’s got. But, while she’d be the first to admit that Ross’s family seems a little unhinged, she’d still love to have them – minus their sarcastic eldest son, of course. So it’s game on for a titanic battle of the wills …and the most unfortunate, irresistible sexual attraction. In this brilliantly funny and poignant tale of modern love and misadventure, the spoils of war are family. And maybe, just maybe, something more…

Michelle Holman’s bestselling first novel, Bonkers, was a comedic hit with women and men of all ages, as has been her second, Divine. Originally from West Auckland, Michelle is a registered nurse who now manages community youth health projects in the Waikato.

Shesaid Says:

This is a great fun read and for escaping the grind of daily life. This book is well written and keeps you guessing about Danny and Ross’s relationship right up to the very end. A story that will have you questioning yourself and wondering what you would do in a similar situation. Family themes run deep in this novel and will appeal to anyone who comes from a big, crazy dysfunctional family. As Michelle Holman lives in Auckland and is a registered nurse she has written about what she knows best and this is obvious in how authentic the story feels. Easy to pick up but hard to put down.

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