Book Review – “Tick Tock”

March 13, 2002

Tick Tock

By Jane Freeman

BantamA freak mishap involving her engagement ring and a flushing toilet plunges Daisy Change, 35-year-old self-made PR babe into marital turmoil. Suddenly all is not right with her marriage of ten years. The little things that first attracted her to her husband now just plain annoy her and she’s beginning to wonder if he’s the man for her at all.

And if that weren’t bad enough she is being deafened slowly by the increasingly loud tick of her biological clock! Convinced that it’s now of never, Daisy is soon caught up in a fertility frenzy of food combining, Chinese herbs, yoga, new sexual positions and gross tasting cups of tea, in her frantic bid for motherhood.

But life has other plans for Daisy. Everything from meddling in-laws to desperate friends and family catastrophes seem to conspire against her on her crusade for conception.

“Tick Tock” is a warm and witty peak into the mind of the modern 30-something woman, juggling work, friends, love and family. Join Daisy on her sometimes funny, sometimes sad journey towards parenthood as she learns ultimate wisdom of taking the smooth with the crunchy.

By Sally Schofield


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