Book reviews for May

May 17, 2005

Book reviews for May

Everything Changes
Jonathan Tropper
Bantam Books
This is great: chick lit starring a bloke! We can finally get into the world of a man and find out what makes him tick. It turns out it?s more than sex and money for Zachary King. He seems to have it all ? a well paying job, a rent-free Manhattan apartment and a stunning, blonde fianc?e, Hope. We follow Zach through his inevitable demise when a near death medical problem suddenly brings irrepressible thoughts to the surface. He is constantly haunted by the memory of his best friend, killed two years earlier in a car accident. He realises the affection he feels towards his best friend?s widow, Tamara, is increasingly less platonic. And to compound the problems, his job is crumbling and his father reappears in his life after a 15 year absence. Everything Changes is an entertaining and captivating look into how life can turn around in the blink of an eye.
RRP $29.95 but only $26.96 if you buy from the SheSaid bookshop

Soul Food ? Recipes for a Happier Life
Kate Kippenberger
Simon and Schuster

Ever need to find a book to cheer up a friend ? then this is the perfect choice. It had cute little reasons why life really is great, including, ?Courage: From today, concentrate on doing things that feel right for you. You are the only person who can determine this for yourself, yet it?s easy to find yourself doing things because you think you ?should? or worrying about what others will think. It takes courage to do what?s right for yourself yet it is only by doing this that you can attain true happiness. You will never be happy if you overlook your own needs to satisfy the wishes of others.? Sure, it seems like obvious advice, but I think we all know that sometimes the business of life gets in the way and we tend to forget the little things that are really important, like friends, family, ourselves and happiness in general.
RRP $14.95 but only $13.46 if you buy from the SheSaid bookshop

My Beautiful Spy
Colin Falconer
Bamtam Books

Colin Falconer?s latest offering is similar in style and standard to his previous novels. He writes of Nick Davis, an English spy posing as a diplomat stationed in Bucharest during the Second World War. The first time he sees Daniela Simonici, he can?t take his eyes off her. Like many of the women in Romania, Daniela is captivatingly beautiful, however she manages to bring something out of Nick he never knew existed. As the war progresses, so does their relationship and soon they find themselves dangerously in love and risking their life for each other on a daily basis. But, like any good mystery, nothing is as it seems and Nick soon begins to question the mysterious Daniela Simonici and who it is she really loves. Colin Falconer visits every location he writes about, and it is obvious in this novel. Rich in descriptions, the reader really feels as though they too are residing in upper class Europe throughout the Second World War.
RRP $29.95 but only $26.96 if you buy from the SheSaid bookshop

Kathleen Tessaro
Harper Collins

Evie Garlick is an American born 18-year-old with stars in her eyes. She embarks on London?s Actors’ Drama Workshop Academy with little more than her dreams to keep her company. Her flatmate in London is fellow thespian student Robbie, a crazy New Yorker who helps Evie come out of her shell and soon becomes her partner in crime. The book fluctuates between 1986 when the girls are students and 10 years later when Robbie is dead from a car accident and Evie is trying to navigate her way through life with a young son in tow and an eternal fear of rejection. Soon the years are filled in and we find out exactly how this young talent managed to turn into a washed up adult theatre teacher. This book is reasonably entertaining however despite subject matter including mental illness and drugs; it seems to lack a certain depth.
RRP $27.95 but only $25.16 if you buy from the SheSaid bookshop

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