Book Reviews for November

December 1, 2004

Book Reviews for November

What you wear can change your life
Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine
Orion Publishing

We?ve all seen the show ? English fashionistas Trinny and Susannah finding an unsuspecting victim, tearing their well worn clothes from them and out fitting them with new, fashionable clobber that better suits their figures and colouring. Well, now it?s your turn to be the unsuspecting victim with their new book What you wear can change your life. This comprehensive guide will fill you in on some of the fashion no-nos, like wearing bikini briefs when you have saddlebags (enhances those terrible flabby bits so many of us have on our upper thighs) and terribly for your bum line apparently) and wearing chunky, long necklaces when you are big breasted. As would be expected, they cover underwear, colour, accessories, shapes and sizes just to begin with. But what?s most surprising is the wealth of information on beauty and products, haircare, pregnancy and travelling. It really is a woman?s bible, if Trinny and Susannah?s style is something you aspire to. The reality is, most of us aren?t born with natural style and this book will give you a better idea on how to look and feel great.
RRP 39.95 but only $35.96 if you buy from The SheSaid Bookshop

A Girl’s Gotta Do What a Girl’s Gotta Do
Kathleen Baty
Pan Macmillan

A commonsense well written book for today?s girl in today?s modern world. Advice on everything from being safe at home, out and about, in the workplace, traveling, being online and avoiding credit and identity fraud. An empowering book for every girl ? of every age – about taking care of yourself. Kathleen Baty survived years of being stalked and potentially murdered by a former school acquaintance. Her practical book gives advice on how to avoid ending up compromising circumstances and what to do if your safety is compromised.
RRP $19.95 but only $17.96 if you buy from The SheSaid Bookshop

Wild Lavender
Belinda Alexandra
Harper Collins

In Belinda Alexandra?s second novel, she takes us to pre-war Paris. We follow the life of Simone Fleurier begins her life as a simple farm girl of Provence in France. A stroke of bad luck in the family means she?s sent to Marseilles to work for her aunt in a boarding house. Soon the lure of a nearby music hall becomes too great, and Simone manages to find a job and a place to stay. It?s the beginning of a new life. As time progresses, Simone?s career goes from strength to strength until she?s the toast of the Parisian music scene. But tragedy strikes in the form of World War Two, and life is never the same again.
After the success of Belinda Alexander?s first book, White Gardenia, many waited with anticipation for her second morsel of fiction. This book is equally fascinating for its historical fiction and definitely tells a memorable story. Unfortunately the story seems a little too farfetched to be even fiction. It seems everything Simone touches turns to gold, a pattern that gets all too familiar after a while. Despite this, if you liked White Gardenia, Wild Lavender is well worth the read.
RRP $29.95 but only $26.96 if you buy from The SheSaid Bookshop

The Women’s Health Bible: An Essential Guide to Health and Wellbeing for Every Woman
Prevention Health Books for Women

A comprehensive medical guide that integrates alternative medicine, self-care remedies and mind-body healing techniques with conventional medical treatment, as well as spelling out preventive strategies every woman should follow.
This is a well-researched book that contains trustworthy, practical advice and recommendations from leading health care professionals, nutritionists, psychologists and fitness experts. All aspects of health topics are covered ranging from physical to emotional and includes a comprehensive guide to vitamins, minerals and natural remedies. This reference book is a worthwhile purchase for all women
RRP $40 buy only $36 if you buy from The SheSaid Bookshop

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