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September 21, 2004

Books galore

Surviving Solo
Meredith Cameron
John Wiley and Sons

This book is a first of its kind from an Australian perspective. It is aimed at men, women and children who are trying to rebuild their lives after a divorce or a relationship breakdown. The reality is, whether or not we imagine being with our partners forever, the statistics are increasingly against us. No one wants to anticipate a relationship ending, so it?s hard to know what to do if we find ourselves in that situation. So what do you do? Fortunately single parent Meredith Cameron is using her experiences to help others with this book. She outlines all aspects of a relationship breakdown ? financial, emotional, working with lawyers and what to do when children are involved. Her advice begins from how to know when the relationship is ending, to how to start new relationships in the future, particularly if there children involved.
RRP $24.95

Julia Holden
Bantam Books

In her years as a police officer in NSW, Julia Holden learnt that women aged 15 ? 24 are the most likely to be victims of crime. Despite this statistic, Julia doesn?t believe women are being taught safety strategies to get them out of trouble. She has written this book to help women realise that because they may not be stronger than their assailants, they can certainly be smarter and often that is enough to get them to safety. Obviously prevention is the best cure, so this book is full of smart hints on ensuring you?re safe at all time possible. Some tips are quite obvious, such as not walking in poorly lit areas at night or counting your money after going to an ATM. Many of her tactics aren?t obvious, though and I?m sure many lives would have been saved if previous women victims had known some of these tips. She speaks to how locking your car door at all times is vital ? even when ducking into the petrol station or returning a video. ?I remember an incident where a woman driving alone stopped at a petrol station late one night and after filling up the petrol tank, walked inside to pay. The cashier asked her if she was on her own. Her early warning signals were activated and she went on the defence, angrily replying to the cashier that it was none of his business. The cashier persisted and told her he wasn?t prying but he just saw a man climb into the back seat of her car. The police were immediately called and offender arrested. He later told police that his mates had been waiting for him further down the road.? It?s advice such as this that every woman should know.
RRP $19.95 but $17.96 if you buy from the SheSaid bookshop

Travel Europe and the UK on less than $80 a day
Karen J Pearen

Concise and informative, the no-nonsense approach of this book toward travel in Europe can give the reader a sense of excitement. The local knowledge and the authors obvious experience travelling in Europe made me feel comfortable and more at ease with my pending trip there. The guide to preparation is a must-read, with planning tips and common-sense suggestions six months, three months and one month prior to travel proving very worthwhile. (The first checkpoint being “save, save save!”).
In the authors own words, this travel guide contains “useful, honest and practical information” about Europe and travel thereabouts. Its compact size means no flipping through page after page whilst standing at train stations in London!
RRP $14.95 email for details

If you’d like to win a copy of Travel Europe and the UK on less than $80 a day, email with your details, and where you’d most like to visit in Europe.

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