Boost Juice Founder Janine Allis’ Tips For Surviving The Holidays

December 12, 2012

Late nights, alcohol and party food…it’s the silly season trifecta that dulls hair, causes our skin to break out and leaves us exhausted. Boost Juice founder, mum-of-four and health living advocate Janine Allis shares her tips for surviving the festivities with your body intact!

1. Do not beat yourself up for over indulging

After all, this is the season for too much food and alcohol. To survive, drink lots of water to avoid dehydration.

2. A juice is a must in the morning

Your liver gets a hammering around this time so include some beetroot and celery to help the liver recover and reduce fluid retention.

3. Keep moving

The sun is out and we have more hours in a day. Take lots of walks to clear your head and give yourself some space.

4. Take time off work

Do not under estimate how unhealthy it is NOT to take your annual leave. Start every year fresh.

5. Squeeze your loved ones every day
Hugs make us live longer and are like giving someone a piece of happiness. And everyone loves them, apart from my teenage son who freezes like an icypole when I hug him – but I’m working on him!

6. Make realistic goals for the New Year
Every year, I have dinner and a bottle of wine with three girlfriends. We write down our goals and place them in the empty bottle to review how we went. It’s great fun and keeps us accountable.

7. See the good in everyone

Especially over Christmas when spending lots of time with family. You may not be able to choose family, but they are an important part of your history. And be especially nice to mother-in-laws. After all, with three boys I’m likely to become one!

8. Celebrate the year that was
Take time to reflect on all that was great and all that you hope will never happen again.

9. Swim in the ocean
It is not possible to be in a bad mood after a refreshing swim, with the minerals washing away any hangover or late night.

10. Our Pocket Rocket is my saviour over Christmas

It is full of omega 3 and dozens of vitamins and minerals, tastes great and is a fantastic way to replace lost nutrients.

What’s your favourite tip from Janine’s list?

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