Boy band member – really loved that girl!

August 10, 2004

Boy band member – really loved that girl!

Nick Carter didn’t do it?
Another day, another forceful denial from Nick Carter over whispers that he’s responsible for Paris Hilton’s bruises. “I’ll tell you one thing: I didn’t touch her,” the boy bander insists to People. “I’m not that kind of guy. I would never do that.” The Simple Life star has so far remained silent on her injuries (she says she’s doing “okay. I’m just so happy to be single right now”), but was apparently hurt by comments Carter made last week about how their relationship was “totally” based on distrust. Insists a beleaguered Nick, “I’m just sad … I really loved that girl.”

It’s the clothes they like…
Lopez Espanol?s Best Dressed?
Meanwhile, Jen Lopez made the cut on People en Espanol‘s Best Dressed list, joining fellow fashionistas Sarah Jessica Parker, Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie, Eva Mendes, and Jessica Alba. The most sartorially splendid star? Penelope Cruz, who the magazine says “has an amazing gift for fashion versatility” and “is always impeccable and authentic.” The former arm candy of Tom Cruise opened a clothing boutique in Madrid back in February. Not faring as well is frequent fashion disaster Paula Abdul, who joins much-reviled Apprentice villain Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth on the Worst Dressed list.

A discoverer of sex
Cattrall’s Fun Run
Kim Cattrall has made it clear she’s done with Sex and the City,” but she’s not above capitalizing from her perpetually-in-heat alter ego Samantha Jones. The actress is currently hard at work on an HBO documentary entitled Sexual Intelligence, which chronicles ardor through the ages. Cattrall tells Liz Smith that she now considers herself “an anthropologist, an excavator, a discoverer of sex.” Kim also drops in this little tidbit from a recent shoot in Pompeii (and we offer our apologies in advance if this image is forever seared into your brain): “We did a shot the other day of me running along a 26-foot stone phallus. It was fabulous!” We’ll give you a moment to digest the magnitude of that statement before moving on …

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