Brad and Ange to adopt twins?

March 14, 2006

Brad and Ange to adopt twins?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie aren?t going to stop at one baby this year. Apparently they?re so keen to expand their brood, they?re going to try to adopt again after their biological baby is born in May. They?re looking for twins, because Angelina feels so remorseful that she has conceived a natural child rather than adopting one. She once said: ?I cannot have a biological child, because I feel that would be one less child taken out of an orphanage and it would haunt me.? The pair has apparently been looking for twins to adopt in countries such as Haiti and Somalia, as according to one source, ?Angelina wants the adoption to happen as soon as possible.? Meanwhile, they?re said to be hoping to get married this year, with Italy being a possible location. Brad has long thought Italy?s Lake Como would be a perfect wedding venue, nearby to friend George Clooney?s house. When the nuptials will take place, however, hasn?t been revealed.

George didn’t break Teri’s heart
Speaking of George, both he and Teri Hatcher are denying reports that he?s behind her sudden public revelations of abuse. The Desperate Housewives star told Vanity Fair magazine that she was sexually abused as a child and was prompted to tell her story after a failed romance. The New York Post speculated George was the mystery man, however Teri denied these stories, allegedly saying the Post “twisted this story ? which has nothing to do with George Clooney. ? It is truly a shame that the importance of the [molestation] is being obscured by tabloid sensationalism.” George backed up Teri?s version of events, saying in a statement: ?It is to Teri?s credit that she?s telling a very courageous story to help others. As for the tabloid part of the story, she would never say that. I know the story is attractive but it isn?t true and it takes away from her brave decision.? It seems whoever the mystery man was, Teri has certainly moved on. On Saturday night she was seen out and about with a group of friends, and new date US television host Ryan Seacrest. Apparently the group dined at Los Angeles restaurant L’Orangerie and Ryan reportedly picked up the US$2,800 dinner bill.

Hayden’s girlfriend finds out his affair with Sienna
The claws are out! Sienna Miller has been seen getting quite close to Factory Girl co-star Hayden Christensen, and his girlfriend isn?t happy. Apparently the relationship began as a friendship after Sienna?s relationship with Jude Law finally broke down. According to a friend, “Hayden was a brilliant shoulder to cry on when she finally split from Jude Law. Sienna is quite flirty and their relationship became something more. Hayden is besotted with Sienna but I’m not sure she totally reciprocates his feelings. Ever since they stopped filming Factory Girl he has been calling and texting her – he thinks he’s in love.” It seems the relationship has gone to the next step, with them recently been seen kissing in the car outside Hayden?s home in Toronto, Canada. Apparently the pair had been visiting his parents, and she has even been seen emerging from his hotel room wearing his jumper. But it now turns out that Hayden has a long term girlfriend who is distraught that she has been cheated on. 21-year-old Lola Skye has been dating Hayden since she was 14 and told News of the World that she feels hurt and betrayed, especially by Sienna. “She knew exactly what Hayden and I meant to each other.? She told the paper, “She has a lot of problems. She has a messed-up temper and is so erratic. She’s just not the sort of person I want to be around.” Apparently when Lola first confronted Hayden, he denied the rumours but then admitted something had gone on a few days later. “He broke down and confessed that he had become involved with her. He said that she had pushed him into it and insisted that it was just a fling.” Doesn?t sound like ?just a fling? anymore?

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