Brad and Jen to adopt

August 31, 2004

Brad and Jen to adopt

Aw… Mum and Dad
Hollywood golden couple Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have decided that adoption is the best way to start a family together. Brad?s brother Doug revealed the baby secret to British magazine Closer last week, saying “We’re delighted that Brad and Jen are adopting. It will be a great addition to the family.” It?s old news that the pair have been trying for a baby since Jen finished filming Friends earlier this year. In April, Jen said “We’re absolutely in the process of having a baby. It’s where we’re headed.” And Pitt verified it by saying the prospect of “little versions of Jennifer. It’s my dream”. The couple have even decorated a nursery in their mansion in Beverly Hills, so it will be wonderful to see a little bundle of joy bless the happy couple.

A Bond girl with no boobs?
Keira?s boobs to small for Bond
Pierce Brosnan has told film makers that Keira Knightly would be the perfect 007 love interest in the next Bond film, however she has hotly denied any interest. The King Arthur star has refused the be the next Bond girl, because she doesn?t think her breasts are big enough. She told Empire magazine: “I don’t think I have the assets to be a Bond girl. Anyway I’m no good with bikinis.” The 19-year-old also doesn?t think she can compare to Halle Berry in a bikini. I?m sure legions of her male fans would beg to disagree?

Moving on out
Wacko Jacko leaving Neverland
Michael Jackson has decided to sell up his dream ranch, but not because he needs the money for legal fees? He is paranoid the $20 Million home has been bugged by police. A source told the Daily Star that he has even had the mansion debugged several times but has given up, and now wants to sell. He still denies the child molestation charges and his trial is set for January.

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