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Braided Bun Hair Tutotial

Braided Bun Hair Tutotial

Braided Bun Hair Tutotial

Forget making an appointment with your hair stylist. We show you how to create a trendy braided bun hair up style at home in a few minutes.

Braids continue to be a hot hairstyling trend, and this elegant high bun gets a fun twist with a series of small braids.For this look, you are going to need a sock bun or a bun shaper. The first step to achieving this look is to spray your hair with a shine serum and brush it through your hair with a boar bristle brush.

Next, gather your hair in a high ponytail and insert the sock bun. When your hair is in the sock bun, fan it around and braid small random sections in the ponytail.

Once you’ve created the tiny braids, wrap the hair around the sock bun and insert bobby pins to hold in place. It’s okay if the bun is a little messy; it actually helps the look appear effortless and a little boho, just like Ashley Olsen’s.

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