Is Bread Really Bad For You?

May 15, 2014
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For those who are carb-conscious among us, the thought of including bread in our diet on a day-to-day basis is unheard of but, if your goal is weight control and if you consider that noodles, rice, quinoa and most wraps all have more carbs than a reduced carb bread such as Helga’s Lower Carb, maybe it is the carb choices you are making rather than an issue with bread itself. Leading dietician Susie Burrell says if you have been eliminating bread from your diet completely, there are some things to consider: 

1. Check your carbs 

A cup of cooked rice has 45g of total carbs, a cup of cooked quinoa 38g or a Lebanese Bread Wrap 60g. If you compare this to a couple of small slices of grain bread or a couple of slices of Helga’s Lower Carb bread, they only have 20g of total carbs. The moral of the story – check your total carbs!

2. Bread is filling 

You know the feeling, you have enjoyed yoghurt and fruit for breakfast and a tuna salad at lunch but come 3 or 4pm and you are starving. Simply adding 1-2 slices of filling, low GI, wholegrain bread to your breakfast or lunch or both and notice how much more satisfied you feel come late afternoon.

3. Get your good fats 

A nutritionally balanced food is not just about the carbs, proteins and fat – it is also about our essential nutrients – the vitamin E, zinc, iron, magnesium and good fats that help our bodies to be at their best every day. A single serve of dense wholegrain bread will give you all of these nutrients without you even realising it.

4. Get your carb/protein balance 

Getting a balance of carbs and proteins at each of your meals and snacks help to regulate blood glucose levels which in turn helps to manage hunger levels and hormone levels. Teaming a slice or two of wholegrain bread with your favourite protein rich toppings such as tuna or salmon, goats, cheese, nut spread or cheese not only achieves this balance but with meals or snacks that taste great.

5. Enjoy your toast again 

Reduced carb bread options means that you can finally enjoy your toast and coffee in the morning without the guilt! And who does not love a slice or two of hot toast with your favourite topping?

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