Pimples on your Jawline?

October 1, 2001

Do you seem to get more pimples on one side of your face than the other? If so, then it is the side of your face that you rest the telephone. Your phone could be the cause. “Many people don’t realise how often they’re on the phone, how much bacteria the handset contains and how close it comes to their cheeks and chins,” says beautician Ina from Ciao Bella, Sydney.

So what does a pimple conscious gal do? Clean all the phones you use – including your mobile phone – on a regular basis with a disinfectant spray or rubbing an alcohol swab over it. You can buy these at any reputable chemist. “The other important thing to do is to change your pillowcase which can contain pimple-causing germs”, says Ina.

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