Breakfast, Lunch, and Pampering (cont’d)

March 26, 2002

Lunch Panic

Is your lunch hour more stressful than the rest of your day? Do you wander around the food halls or cafes at lunchtime trying to find a sandwich that isn’t jam-packed with fat and calories? That innocent looking foccacia or salad doesn’t always fit the healthy bill, but it’s something all you can find. All you need are a few simple rules so that your midday meal doesn’t become a fatty nuisance.Choose wholemeal bread over white bread for your sandwich. This goes for baguettes and Turkish as well. Don’t even think about a ham and cheese croissant as croissants are made with butter and have over 200 calories on their own. Pretty scary stuff.

Don’t buy a pre-made sandwich, always get it made up. Say no to butter and high-fat dressings such as mayonnaise. They pile on too much mayo anyhow and all you taste is bread and mayonnaise? Ask for more salad instead. 3. Go for pasta for lunch. It is full of good carbs and will keep your energy levels high for the rest of the afternoon. Remember to stick to pastas with tomato based sauces. Carbonara is a no-go.

If you can find a decent salad around? go for that. Try not to pile on fatty dressings though. Why not bring a tin of tuna, rocket lettuce, a tomato, some cucumber and a little olive oil and make your own.

Never grab hot chips to fill you up. Instead buy a jacket potato and top it with low-fat cottage cheese or baked beans.

Head to the Asian section of the food-hall and grab some steamed rice and add steamed vegies that you bring from home. This ensures that the vegetables haven’t been soaked in fatty oil.

Home Health

Health Spas have been around for centuries and they all aim to offer one thing – a tonic for the stresses and strains of our busy and stressful lives. Everything from nutrition, pampering treats, soul-enhancing therapies and exercise are all part of a day at a spa. Often, it can be an expensive and time consuming experience so we often don’t give our minds and bodies the detox they need. With cost and time in mind we decided to discover how to reap the benefits of a health spa in the comfort of your own home or breaking the bank. Here goes:

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