How Breaking up is hard particularly over Festive Season (contd)

December 2, 2000


If you’re the shy, non-partying type (that is, unlikely to pick up a total stranger at a party) taking Mr.CuteSmile along to the never-ending round of Christmas drinkies may be a good idea. He will provide the perfect escape route when the boss’s wife (or even worse, his mother) corners you with her riveting thoughts on why the rain last month ruined her rose garden. And you’ll save money on cab rides home – just make him the designated driver.If your boy’s a big spender then it may serve you well to keep him during this important gift-giving season. Especially if he’s been hinting at buying you that wildly expensive Sony stereo you’ve been lusting over. Make sure he throws in a few CDs too, though.

You’ve most likely already booked your Xmas holiday to Bali together so dropping him now could incur a hefty cancellation charge. Plus you’ll have to go on the trip by yourself, which depending on your capacity to flirt, may or may not be a good thing. And it’s probably too late to book a spot on the trip to Fiji with your single friends.

Depending on how enthralled you were with MrCuteSmile (i.e. to what extent you ditched your girlfriends to see him), you may need a bit of extra time up your sleeve to patch up some friendships and re-aquaint yourself with old friends before you enter the lonely life of singlehood. Start treating all of your friends (i.e., calling them twice a day) in exactly the same way you did when you were single. Immediately.

If you have nothing planned for New Year’s Eve, then keep him. There’s nothing worse than having no one to pash during the Happy New Year cheer.

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