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How To Have A Hands-Free Orgasm

How To Have A Hands-Free Orgasm

How to have a hands free orgasm

Take a deep breath and prepare for some thigh-trembling solo action…

Have you ever heard the term ‘breathgasm’? No? A breathgasm is basically a hands-free orgasm. No sex toys or man required. Sounds enticing doesn’t it?

Now I hadn’t heard of a breathgasm until recently either. Yet I had heard a bit about breathwork from Graeme and Annette of Oztantra. They are my trusted go-to-sex-perts who certainly know more about sex and sexuality than the average person.

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A breathgasm originates in the brain as a result of focusing your thoughts, priming your awareness in the moment and using your imagination. The actual process is a little complex, so I’ll use the guidelines suggested by Annie Sprinke, a former prostitute and porn star turned PhD sexologist and artist.

Breathgasm 101

Step 1: Relax


Lay down with your knees bent upward on a firm surface and start by taking a few relaxing breaths. As you do this, empty your mind of any thoughts and relax your body.

Step 2: Breathe in


When you’re ready, inhale deeply though your nose and exhale out of your mouth. Do this repeatedly without pausing between breaths. As you inhale, arch your lower back. Then as you exhale, push back down and squeeze the muscles you use to stop the flow of urine.

Repeat this action continuously. It’s ok if your knees open and close. Concentrate your thoughts on the feelings you are experiencing. The squeezing should start to stimulate your clitoris and G-spot if you’re doing it right, be patient though as it can take time.

Step 3: Feel the heat


Now this is where that mind of yours really comes into play. Focus on channeling all your sexual energy into the area between your anus and your vagina. Imagine it coming up from the ground and entering your body. Don’t forget to keep breathing. Your knees can continue to open and close. By now you should be taking in long, deep erotic breaths and blowing out with more intensity.

Step 4: Oh, yeah


Now it’s time to push that sexual energy up from your vagina and anus toward your stomach area. Circulate that energy back and forth until the feeling is like a fire burning stronger and stronger within you. Meanwhile, focus on pushing that sexual energy up to the next level, which is your heart. Circulate it back and forth from belly to heart repeatedly.

Step 5: Come on



Visualise moving the energy right up toward your throat, circulating from your heart to your throat repeatedly. Once you can feel that powerful energy reach there, circulate it from your throat and back down to your heart.

The final step is to push it up higher, right to the top of your head. Ideally that powerful sexual energy should be radiating within your entire body. This is when a full-body orgasm can occur. As you feel it come on, go with the feeling. You may find your breathing pattern will shift, but that’s ok. You might even feel like letting out loud screams, some laughter or something else quite unexpected.

Now you know how it’s done, it may take some attempts to get there, but keep trying. It’s much like anything else you do for the first few times. So you shouldn’t expect to master it immediately.

Persist, practice and before too long you’ll get your own rhythm going. When you do, just go with it, ride the wave and over time your orgasm will last even longer. You’re welcome.

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