Brian McFadden Threatens To Strangle Female Fan For Insult

January 28, 2016

The ex Westlife star is in hot water for calling a Twitter follower a ‘c**t’ and threatening violence.

Most of us know Brian McFadden for his cheeky bad boy attitude and singing talent, but this week fans may have a decidedly less rosy view of the ex Westlife singer, following an online confrontation with a female Twitter follower.

The conflict occurred after McFadden tweeted news of his latest TV project to his 336,000 followers.

‘This year @TheJumpC4 has gone to new heights!’ McFadden told fans.

When Twitter user, Bryony Whiting responded to McFadden’s news with a sarcastic quip, commenting, “Unlike your career hey?!” things took a negative turn.

The former Australia’s Got Talent judge then tweeted a series of hostile comments, much to the horror of fans, watching the Twitter stream play out in real-time.

‘Shut your face c***!’ the star replied, before going on to send another tweet threatening violence.

‘Or I’ll find IP address find out where you live and strangle you with your f**ing mouse.’


Although the 35 year-old pop star deleted his tweets shortly after the stoush, the disturbing nature of the ideas contained within them is cause for serious concern.

Social media allows users to broadcast ideas in a very public setting, even more so when you happen to be a celebrity. The implications of those ideas, once put out into the mainstream minds of young fans are often serious. You only need to look at the tragic suicide of Australian television presenter, Charlotte Dawson or the abuse of French adult actress, Nikita Bellucci to see just how deeply online attitudes permeate our social dialogue.

In a world where violence against women is an ongoing issue, as is escalating online bullying of female media figures, where words like ‘slut’ and ‘c**t’ seem to be interchangeable with ‘I don’t agree with your opinion’, McFadden’s nonchalant threats toward a female follower stand as a disturbing warning sign that we need to do something about the way we as a society communicate with women.

Images via twitter.com.

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