Beach weddings can be spectacular so why not use what Mother Nature has provided as a magnificent backdrop to your wedding? And best of all, normally the venue is free! But what about hairstyles? Beaches tend to be a bit windier than other venues so trying to come up with a hairstyle that will suit the occasion as well as the weather can be hard.

Either you want a hairstyle that won’t move an inch, perhaps held together with a braid or headpiece, or you want a style that wont bother you if it does get messed about in the wind, such as leaving your hair completely down. Either way, beach weddings tend to be carefree and fun so your hairstyle should match that.

Here are some beach wedding hairstyles for inspiration:

A messy up-do for a beach wedding is a great idea because if it gets blown about a little, it won’t look as though your hair is out of place. These soft curls have been pinned up into a messy bun then dotted with flowers, ideal for your beach wedding.

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

This style is so incredibly simple yet beautiful, so if you’re not bothered about your hair blowing about in the wind, leave it down, add a few loose curls and wear a flower halo to top it off.

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

If you’d prefer to keep your hair out of your eyes on your wedding day then consider wearing a bridal headband to keep in under wraps.

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Fishtail braids are in fashion right now and they’re perfect for beach weddings because they’ll keep your hair from flying in your face. The tiny flowers dotted through the hair are subtle yet gorgeous.

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Again, this hairstyle with the hair flowing freely would suit a beach wedding down to a tee. The side sweeping bangs and detailed flower halo add a touch of elegance to this otherwise simple style.

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

A halo braid can ensure that your hair doesn’t stray from where it’s supposed to, especially in the wind. Team this look with some flowers at the back or side and you’ve got a gorgeous bohemian look.

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

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