Bridal Makeup 101

September 22, 2011

With wedding season upon us, SheSaid gets the low-down on bridal makeup from international makeup artist Donna Mee.

Ever wondered why you go out looking glowing and fabulous, and then the photos the following day tell a completely different story? Your face is much more pale and often has grey or lavender tinge to it. Rest assured, you look fine in person but when the camera flash hits you, it forms a geisha or ghost-like effect. This is a result of specific ingredients in your makeup and sometimes moisturiser.

When you think that wedding photographers cost on average $5,000, it goes without saying that a bride wants to look the best she possibly can. Investing in an experienced professional bridal artist to achieve a flawless photo-friendly finish will pay off when you look back on yourself in years to come.

I have some pointers to look out for when choosing a makeup artist, you will want to know which products he or she uses and what they contain. The most common ingredient in cosmetics, which causes them to be un-photo friendly is Titanium Dioxide. This ingredient is in most SPFs, something to avoid on your wedding day. Other ingredients to avoid are Mica, Zinc, Paba and any ingredient which ends in Oxide. Many moisturisers also contain these ingredients, so begin with a totally blank canvas and let your professional choose your base.

With very few brands on the market offering photo-friendly formulations, the brand I use and recommend is Make Up For Ever. I will not send any of my agency artists on a booking unless they have it in their kit. This brand has many foundation formulas including oil free and HD, but I suggest the Face and Body makeup for brides due to how beautifully it photographs. This product is sheer but layers easily for more coverage and undoubtedly gives the best natural finish.

When choosing a lip colour, opt for a long-lasting lipstick. You may have worn a lip gloss for the past decade but trust me, you don’t want this sliding off when you go to kiss your groom. Any lip colours or stains should be applied with a brush to give it longer staying power. Matte finishes are a favourite of some women, but be aware that nerves may cause you to lick your lips and this can result in a cakey, dry- uneven finish.

Eyes come down to individual preference. I specialise in corrective makeup, which is all about how to create a better illusion and accentuate a woman’s best features. The shades and application chosen will come down to colouring, eye shape, angle and spacing, the amount of space from crease to the lash line and the amount of space from crease to eyebrow, shape of the brow as well as symmetry of your face. This is something which an artist with corrective makeup training will be able to decipher to create the ‘wow’ results women desire.

Whatever your personal style, by using these tips you should be on your way to achieving a photo-friendly finish that will highlight and accentuate your best features, to ensure you look and feel beautiful for one of the most memorable events of your life.

To find out more about Donna Mee’s 30 Day Australian Master Classes which includes her tutorial on Creating Bridal Makeup, visit Donna Mee’s website.

Are you getting married this year? Will you be doing your own makeup or hiring a makeup artist?

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