Bridget Jones make-up artist tells all!

December 14, 2004

Bridget Jones make-up artist tells all!

Graham Johnston was in charge of makeup on the latest Bridget Jones film and is the Max Factor makeup artist. Find out his top makeup secrets!

What were the main makeup requirements on Bridget Jones’s Diary?
The main requirement was to keep the look from the original film. We pick up the story 4-6 weeks after the first BJ Diary. I had to create one or two “disastrous” make-ups e.g when Bridget first appears at the Law Society ball after applying her make-up in the back of a cab!

It’s your time to name drop! Which famous people have you worked with?
Renee Zellweger, Natalie Imbruglia, Toni Collette, Liv Tyler, Hugh Grant, Russell Crowe

Are there any surprising things you can tell us about some of these stars?
The Make-up room is like a priest?s confessional, but I can say that many are as good looking in the flesh as they are on film!

Damn! If a girl could only have one makeup item this season, which would you choose?
Lipgloss! For luscious, sexy lips is a must this season especially with Xmas parties! Nothing more ideal than Max Factor Silkgloss!

Graham Johnston hard at work
What is the must have colour of the season?
Gold in all its hues from eyes to lips

What do you think is the biggest mistake women make when applying makeup?
Not taking their time to apply it. A few extra minutes not only means it looks better but will last too! Also, not checking it in a natural light.

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