Charm has the power to win over others even today. It can still captivate a roomful of people. You don’t need to wear white gloves and drink tea in fine china to be considered charming. What you need to do is remember a few key pointers when you are at work, home or out. I was at a meeting the other day and a girl blew her nose three times really loudly and then wanted to shake my hand at the end of the meeting. It was gross and it made me think what little charm she had. So follow these little pointers and you will draw people in like moths to a lamp.

  1. Don’t be a sour-faced crab. Lose the bad face if things aren’t going your way. People who act more beautiful are more beautiful.
  2. Be polite at all times. Introduce yourself if you don’t know someone’s name.
  3. Your physical appearance is very important. Good grooming is the key.
  4. Be emotionally generous. Look people in the eye when they talk to you and dedicate time listening to them. Ask appropriate questions and answer with confidence.
  5. Physical poise is the answer. Good posture will draw everyone in. Slouching at your desk or at the dining table will show boredom. Not a good move if you are on a date or at a business meeting.

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