Britney Spears Circus concert pictures!

November 27, 2009

“Hit Me Baby One More Time!”

That’s right, I was lucky enough to see Britney Spears live in concert at her Sydney show last Friday night, 27/11/09, thanks to the amazing people at HP (love those photo printers!)

Sure, Brits mimed her way through the whole thing and there was no Pink-esq twirling or dancing but I still really enjoyed myself. She sang some of the old classics which got everyone on their feet and you have to hand it to her dancers and stage crew who put on a great show.

So enjoy these few pics I managed to snap with my camera (which I was supposed to put in the cloak room. Woops!) You’ll notice Britney doesn’t shy away from a pair of hot pants and seqinned bra. But then, hey. That’s why we love her, right?

My friend Kim, from Dolly magazine, and I just before the concert started.

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